‘Who’ is Hybrid Web Dev?

Stuart Sontier is the core of Hybrid. He regularly works with designer Justin Westgate as part of biote.net
Stuart is a trained electronics engineer and photographer, and in 1995 he changed profession to work in the field of the Internet. He has created many websites and web applications, both in collaboration with graphic designers, project managers, as part of a technical team, and individually.

What can Hybrid Web Dev do?

Hybrid will take on contract web development. This may include full sites, or partial sites working alongside other contractors.

WordPress is used as the core for many sites now and Hybrid takes the ongoing maintenance and security of your website seriously with management plans that include security tools and monitoring as well as offsite backups to protect your content.

If you have a WordPress web site that has been hacked, or you have had a site handed over to you that is out of date or you suspect is not secure, Hybrid can help either with fixing the site, making it more secure or advising you how to talk with your current web manager to implement that security.
Hybrid will work with you on a site plan if necessary; determining your needs and the functionality of your site.
Scripted functionality including the use of databases and other active aspects of a site can be incorporated.
Web hosting is available for small to medium sites, and can be arranged for larger sites.

In the end it is all about usability for the viewer, and interactivity if that complements the site.

What technologies does Hybrid Web Dev use?

In terms of your site, Hybrid can build standard html to exacting specifications. Sites that will work on almost all browsers will be created unless you require browser-specific technology, and the limitations of such will be discussed with you when a site specification is created.
WordPress is our CMS of choice and it can be used to create simple sites or with the addition of plugins and customised coding, more complex sites that can include shops, data collection, surveys and other interactivity.

Stuart has proficiency with complex uses of the Google Maps API, both version 3 and 2.
This API allows google maps to be used for complex mapping processes – from collecting location-based information, to allowing positions and routes to be drawn on maps, stored and searched.
Javascripted functionality can be added (from basic menu highlighting – ‘rollovers’, to sophisticated form handling).
PHP can add further active features to your site.
A database (generally mySQL) can add even more dynamic features.
E commerce can be handled through customised addons, open-source apps, or purpose-built.

Ethics, what’s that?

Hybrid works from an ethical basis which precludes some types of business including any spamming, tobacco industry, and businesses promoting unsustainable products.
Hybrid retains the right to reject offers of work, or to cease work if the nature of the business is not stated accurately at commencement.
Please note that Hybrids’ ethical concerns stem from respect for the environment and a sense of peace and justice, rather than any particular religious convictions.