Has your site been hacked?
We will first analyse the hack and try to determine how the site was breached and what changes have been made. An initial fee will be required, after which we’ll proceed further. For this process, we will need some account details which ideally would include access to your webhosting space (ftp and control panel) as well as WordPress login information (in some cases the hacker may have locked you out of WordPress and the control panel / ftp details will help to recover access).

After determining the effects of the hack, the site will be cleaned and might be restored from backups if they are available. We will likely delete current users and create a single admin user.

Finally, we will recommend that you have the site hardened from further attacks and set up a backup strategy. If you agree, this will be implemented.
In some cases, (where we can only get limited information on the hack for example) we may recommend further monitoring to try and find / block entry points.

You will get a report on the process and we may recommend you also look at limiting administrator access and scanning any computers that have been used to access the back end.